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Looking for Hard Money Lenders for Mobile Homes?

As a real estate investor, diversifying your portfolio can mean a steady stream of income. One of the most overlooked property investment opportunities is a mobile home park. 

Mobile home parks are a solid investment that often brings greater returns over apartment buildings and office complexes. The problem comes in when investors seek funding for a mobile home loan. 

Traditional banks may shy away from funding a mobile home park project. Thankfully, there are mobile home lending companies that offer hard money solutions. With this unique lending opportunity through a hard money lender, investors can receive funding for mobile home project investment strategies, including the following.

  • Purchase and hold
  • Cash-out refinance
  • Construction of mobile home parks
  • Bridge loans
  • Second position

Most mobile home loan lenders will not loan on a single mobile home purchase. Mobile home parks offer a higher investment opportunity, which makes them more attractive to the lender.

Understanding Mobile Home Hard Money Loans

Mobile home loans operate much like other real estate loans, though the terms and requirements may differ slightly, especially among lending companies. One of the biggest differences is the capital needed. 

These homes have a purchase price that is much less expensive than traditional brick-and-mortar properties. This means real estate investors will require less capital and have a lower loan amount. Because they need less funding, you may find lenders who will loan you the funds if you can establish the offer as mutually beneficial. 

However, private hard money loans may still check the borrower’s credit and have higher interest rates, but the lender may also offer flexible deals and reasonable loan rates based on the minimum loan amount.

Mobile Home Park Loan Guidelines

Every lender is different with their loan terms. Some lending companies will not loan the minimum loan amount on a mobile home park purchase or construction, while others will consider funding the full loan amount if the following apply. 

  • The larger the mobile home park, the better. 
  • It is wise to purchase a mobile home park where at least 75% of the mobile homes are tenant-owned.
  • Most lending companies prefer a mobile home park with sewer hookups over septic tanks.
  • Lending companies prefer mobile home parks with individual water and electricity meters.
  • Paved roads and parking spaces are preferred over gravel or dirt.
  • The manufactured home should all be skirted with no tongues showing. 

Private real estate lenders are all different in their requirements for mobile home loans and manufactured home loans. What one lender may require strictly, another may be more lenient.


single family home just renovated
Single Fam
47 Days 
residential home being renovated
Fix and Flip
Austin, TX
69 Days
new residential home being built
Akron, OH
39 Days

Types of Mobile Home Parks

Manufactured homes are made in different ways and include all types of materials. Increased demands for housing have fueled the mobile home market, making manufactured homes more attractive to consumers because of their affordability.

One of the biggest benefits of a mobile home or manufactured home is that they are ready to move in within weeks instead of months. Because mobile homeowners often need a place to park their homes, investors should consider their private money options for investing in parks. The following are some of the types of mobile home parks investors can seek with real estate loans. 


Traditional Mobile Home Parks

Most American mobile home parks include at least 40 spaces for homes. These parks are mostly located in rural locations and may include some larger spaces for double-wide homes. In most cases, tenants move their trailers into a space and lease it from a landlord. 

RV Parks

Recreational vehicles are also vastly increasing in popularity. Once used primarily for travel, many people now live in their RVs for at least part of the year. This type of park serves more as a temporary solution than long-term parking. Like traditional mobile home parks, RV parks can be lucrative for investors. 


residential property being fixed to sell
Fix and Flip
43 Days
residential home
2nd Mortg
49 Days
multi family building purchase
Multi Fam
64 Days

Start Now for Fast Pre-Approval

Most of our lender partners offer mobile home loan options for parks. If you have a deal in mind, contact them right away for fast pre-approval on your loan application. 

We understand you likely have a lot of questions about a hard money loan and a mobile home loan. With our years of experience working with all types of real estate investors, we are poised to answer your questions and connect you with lenders that offer the fairest terms in the industry.