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In the Hawaii real estate market, grabbing properties before your competition is essential for making the best deals. Although real estate investors sometimes go the traditional route and seek bank loans, the process is anything but speedy.

When time is of the essence, waiting for the lengthy process of getting approval is not an option for most investors. Hawaii hard money lenders specialize in providing hard money loans which provide quick funds to investors. These loans are for a non owner occupied property or in some cases for business purpose loans.

Hawaii Hard Money Lender FAQ’S

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding hard money loans and lenders in Hawaii.

What Do Hawaii Hard Money Lenders Specialize in?

Hawaii hard money lenders specialize in providing short-term, creative financing for real estate investors. If you seek a conventional lender to purchase an investment property, your loan request will be based on the property’s value and your assets. Your credit score, job, and finances will be scrutinized intensely.  Hard money lenders base their final loan decisions on the after-repair value. The ARV represents the potential value of a property after all repairs have been accomplished. 

What are the Benefits of Hawaii Hard Money Loans?

Hawaii hard money loans offer advantages that traditional banks cannot. Lenders like Acamnet Financial offer a higher level of flexibility than banks.  When qualifying for this type of loan, lenders do not delve too deeply into the finances of real estate investors. In most cases, simply present the property and your plans, which saves you the hassle of gathering countless financial documents.

Do Hawaii Hard Money Lenders Look at my Credit Score?

One of the greatest benefits of working with Hawaii hard money lenders is the lack of credit score requirements. One of the first things a bank does is check your credit score.  You can get approved for a hard money loan in Hawaii even if you have bad credit or poor credit, bankruptcies, and foreclosures in the past. Hawaii Hard money lenders primarily care about the property you are purchasing.

What is the Interest Rate & Points for Hard Money Loans in Hawaii?

Interest rates for hard money loans in Hawaii are typically higher than traditional bank loans (conventional loans) because of the greater risk lenders must take on when approving loans. When searching for a hard money lender near me in Hawaii, you will find average interest rate is between 8%-15%.  You should also be aware that lenders sometimes charge points that are meant to offset their administrative costs. Each point represents 1% of the total loan amount.  The average points lenders charge is between 1 to 3. Some lenders may charge up to 10 points. These points are due upfront or at closing, depending on the lender.

What Should I Look for in a Hawaii Hard Money Lender?

There are many benefits to working with a Hawaii hard money lender.  You just need to make sure you are working with the right lender.  You can rely on Acamnet Financial Group when you need us most.  We offer reliability, consistency, experience, and support.  As a real estate investor, you know the importance of grabbing the best property deals when they become available. 

How can Hard Money Lenders in Hawaii Help Me?

Whether you are new to real estate and real estate projects or an old pro, you know having the capital to purchase real estate is essential. Without funds, you will miss out on real estate transactions.  When you partner with hard money lenders in Hawaii, you will quickly get the money you need without jumping through the hoops of traditional bank lenders.

How do I get a Hard Money Loan in Hawaii?

When you want a hard money loan in Hawaii, begin by preparing the property information. Location, size, purchase price, after repair value, repair costs, etc.  In most cases, the financing will be based on these numbers.  Then, apply for a hard money loan in Hawaii using this information and supply some financial information.  Then, an appraisal will be ordered to assess the loan-to-value ratio, which will influence the loan amount.

How do I Refinance a Hawaii Hard Money Loan?

Refinance a Hawaii hard money loan will involve moving from a high interest, short term loan to a longer term, usually lower interest rate loan. Typically a conventional type of loan.  When refinancing a Hawaii hard money loan you will find it will have a more stringent set of guidelines.  You will need to have sufficient credit and income qualifications.  As the lending landscaping and regulations constantly change, you want to consult a knowledgeable conventional loan expert.

Current Real Estate Trends In Hawaii (2024)

The housing market in Hawaii is desirable, with record-high sales prices and limited supply. Despite the expectation of slower growth due to increasing interest rates and a potential U.S. economic downturn, there is still a great interest in Hawaii real estate.

Notably, Americans from California and foreign buyers from Japan are drawn to this market. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the housing market, with travel restrictions and economic concerns influencing buyer behavior and decreased interest from foreign buyers.

Nevertheless, the housing market in Hawaii has been able to hold its own despite these difficulties, with high housing prices anticipated to remain strong in the years to come. Construction restrictions and rising costs have resulted in a limited housing supply, which has led to a solid rental market but has also brought challenges in obtaining financing for and purchasing rental properties.

Thus, it is essential for investors to keep a close eye on market trends and to seek professional advice when considering investments in Hawaii real estate.

Housing Market Overview

The housing market in Hawaii remains highly desirable, with scarce availability and record-breaking sales prices, making it a desired destination for local and international buyers.

The shortage of single-family residences and multifamily units contributes to the high demand and growing prices. Homeowners need more time to sell due to the limited supply, further pushing up prices.

Despite potential difficulties such as rising interest rates and a possible U.S. economic downturn, the strong interest in Hawaii real estate has stayed steady over the past 12 years.

Economy and Market Impact

The state’s economy and other market forces have dramatically affected Hawaii’s housing market. Interest rates have risen, and potential U.S. economic slowness has affected the housing market. However, the regrowth of the Japanese visitor market and heightened construction efforts may help ease the financial burden.

Home prices being high and housing policies being strict have limited the availability of housing. The rental market is still stable, but there are still difficulties in obtaining financing and purchasing rental properties.

Recent Price and Sales Report

According to the November price and sales report:

  • The cost of houses in Hawaii decreased in November following a 5% increase the month prior.
  • The median house value climbed by 10.5%, reaching $970,000.

While there was a significant boost in house sales, it still dropped 12.9% compared to a year ago.

  • The cost of renting a one or two-bedroom residence in Honolulu increased, but studios and bigger units decreased.
  • Kauai and Maui saw notable price gains.
  • Oahu saw an explosion in condominium sales.



All About Hawaii

As soon as you step foot on the 137 volcanic islands of this archipelago, you will be mesmerized by its stunning natural environment and vibrant culture.

Hawaii, the only state not part of North America, is a unique mix of North American and East Asian cultures, as well as the vibrant traditions of the Hawaiians.

As you explore the eight main islands, including the renowned Big Island and the gorgeous Maui, you will be entranced by the magnificent shorelines, active volcanoes, and clear skies that create the perfect backdrop.

But Hawaii is more than just its stunning landscapes; it is a hub of agriculture, tourism, and military defense.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the wonders of Hawaii and experience a world of adventure and discovery.

So, don your sunscreen and dive into the enchanting world of Hawaii. Aloha!

What is Hawaii?

Hawaii, an exquisite collection of islands in the Pacific Ocean, became the 50th U.S. state in 1959. Its incredible natural beauty draws in nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike.

From towering volcanoes to beautiful beaches, one will find a wide array of terrains to explore. The pleasant tropical climate and clear waters make the area perfect for surfing, snorkeling, and diving.

Tourists are also enticed by the islands’ lively culture and profound history. From traditional Hawaiian hula shows to scrumptious local cuisine, there’s always something to uncover.

Let us explore the geography and environment of this remarkable place.

Geography and Environment

Discover the breathtaking geography and diverse environment of the islands, from the majestic volcanic mountains to the stunning black and white sand beaches. Hawaii is a land filled with natural wonders that will mesmerize your senses.

Composed of eight main islands, each with its own distinct scenery, the possibilities are endless. Climb the tall Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, two of the world’s biggest volcanoes. Wander through the lush rainforests of Kaua’i and be in awe of the awe-inspiring Napali Coast. Put your toes in the soft sand of Waikiki Beach or be amazed by the black sand beaches of Punalu’u.

Hawaii is a haven for outdoorsy types, with many activities like hiking, snorkeling, surfing, and more. As you submerge yourself in the natural beauty of the islands, you’ll also come across the vibrant culture and lively economy that make Hawaii truly special.

Culture and Economy

Explore the vibrant culture and thriving economy of Hawaii as you take in the unique blend of traditions and industries.

Hawaii is not only renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty but also for its deep cultural heritage. The state is a mix of North American and East Asian cultures, with a strong influence from its native Hawaiian roots. From hula and traditional music to local cuisine, there are endless ways to experience the authentic Hawaiian way of life.

Economically, Hawaii has expanded since the mid-20th century. Tourism is an important part of the economy, with millions of tourists visiting the glorious beaches, clear skies, and active volcanoes. The military defense sector is also an essential part of the economy, with the U.S. Pacific Fleet based in Hawaii. The fertile soil and tropical climate also make the agricultural industry a key contributor to the state’s economy.

As you explore Hawaii, you will find a place where ancient customs and modern industries stand side by side, creating an exciting cultural and economic landscape.