Haverhill Hard Money Lender

Haverhill Hard Money Lender

In the Haverhill real estate market, grabbing properties before your competition is essential for making the best deals. Although real estate investors sometimes go the traditional route and seek bank loans, the process is anything but speedy.

When time is of the essence, waiting for the lengthy process of getting approval is not an option for most investors. Haverhill hard money lenders specialize in providing hard money loans which provide quick funds to investors. These loans are for a non owner occupied property or in some cases for business purpose loans.

Haverhill Hard Money Lender FAQ’S

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding hard money loans and lenders in Haverhill.

What Do Haverhill Hard Money Lenders Specialize in?

Haverhill hard money lenders specialize in providing short-term, creative financing for real estate investors. If you seek a conventional lender to purchase an investment property, your loan request will be based on the property’s value and your assets. Your credit score, job, and finances will be scrutinized intensely.  Hard money lenders base their final loan decisions on the after-repair value. The ARV represents the potential value of a property after all repairs have been accomplished.

What are the Benefits of Haverhill Hard Money Loans?

Haverhill hard money loans offer advantages that traditional banks cannot. Lenders like Acamnet Financial offer a higher level of flexibility than banks.  When qualifying for this type of loan, lenders do not delve too deeply into the finances of real estate investors. In most cases, simply present the property and your plans, which saves you the hassle of gathering countless financial documents.

Do Haverhill Hard Money Lenders Look at my Credit Score?

One of the greatest benefits of working with Haverhill hard money lenders is the lack of credit score requirements. One of the first things a bank does is check your credit score.  You can get approved for a hard money loan in Haverhill even if you have bad credit or poor credit, bankruptcies, and foreclosures in the past. Haverhill Hard money lenders primarily care about the property you are purchasing.

What is the Interest Rate & Points for Hard Money Loans in Haverhill?

Interest rates for hard money loans in Haverhill are typically higher than traditional bank loans (conventional loans) because of the greater risk lenders must take on when approving loans. When searching for a hard money lender near me in Haverhill, you will find average interest rate is between 8%-15%.  You should also be aware that lenders sometimes charge points that are meant to offset their administrative costs. Each point represents 1% of the total loan amount.  The average points lenders charge is between 1 to 3. Some lenders may charge up to 10 points. These points are due upfront or at closing, depending on the lender.

What Should I Look for in a Haverhill Hard Money Lender?

There are many benefits to working with a Haverhill hard money lender.  You just need to make sure you are working with the right lender.  You can rely on Acamnet Financial Group when you need us most.  We offer reliability, consistency, experience, and support.  As a real estate investor, you know the importance of grabbing the best property deals when they become available.

How can Hard Money Lenders in Haverhill Help Me?

Whether you are new to real estate and real estate projects or an old pro, you know having the capital to purchase real estate is essential. Without funds, you will miss out on real estate transactions.  When you partner with hard money lenders in Haverhill, you will quickly get the money you need without jumping through the hoops of traditional bank lenders.

How do I get a Hard Money Loan in Haverhill?

When you want a hard money loan in Haverhill, begin by preparing the property information. Location, size, purchase price, after repair value, repair costs, etc.  In most cases, the financing will be based on these numbers.  Then, apply for a hard money loan in Haverhill using this information and supply some financial information.  Then, an appraisal will be ordered to assess the loan-to-value ratio, which will influence the loan amount.

How do I Refinance a Haverhill Hard Money Loan?

Refinance a Haverhill hard money loan will involve moving from a high interest, short term loan to a longer term, usually lower interest rate loan. Typically a conventional type of loan.  When refinancing a Haverhill hard money loan you will find it will have a more stringent set of guidelines.  You will need to have sufficient credit and income qualifications.  As the lending landscaping and regulations constantly change, you want to consult a knowledgeable conventional loan expert.

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Current Real Estate Trends In Haverhill (2024)

The housing market in Haverhill is presently a seller’s market, with strong demand and prices that are higher than their listing prices. As of September 2023, the median listing home price was $449.5K and the median sold home price was $475K. This sale-to-list price ratio of 103.74% demonstrates that homes are being sold at a premium.

Homes in Haverhill are selling fast, with an average of fourteen days on the market.

Long-term forecasts show that home values are expected to increase, with a projected price of $383,226 USD by 2028. However, some predictions suggest a potential negative trend in the near future, recommending investors to explore other cities for real estate investments.

Prospective buyers and investors should carefully examine the time series data and market predictions before making any decisions.

Housing Market Conditions

Haverhill, MA is currently experiencing a seller’s market, with a median listing home price of $449.5K in September 2023 and a sale-to-list price ratio of 103.74%. On average, homes in the area only spend 14 days on the market, which suggests a high demand for housing. The median sold home price is $475K, indicating that prospective buyers should expect competitive markets and higher prices.

In Haverhill, there are a variety of home options available for purchase. Single-family homes are the most popular type in the area, however, there are also apartments, condos, and townhouses. Prices for these types of housing vary depending on size, location, and other factors. Additionally, Haverhill is also home to many amenities such as schools, parks, and shopping centers.

The housing market in Haverhill is quite strong, with high demand and a relatively quick sale time. Buyers should be aware of the competitive market and the potential for higher prices. However, the variety of housing options and amenities makes Haverhill a great place to live.

Home Options

Distribution of available home types in Haverhill can be visualized, providing insight into the variety of options for potential buyers. In Haverhill, there are numerous choices when it comes to residential properties. These include single-family dwellings, townhouses, condominiums, and apartments.

Each housing type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Single-family homes are excellent for those seeking more space and privacy, while townhouses and condos are an ideal solution for those who want a low-maintenance lifestyle. Apartments are a popular choice for renters and those looking for a more cost-effective option.

Haverhill offers a wide selection of housing types to suit different preferences and budgets. Everyone can find a suitable home in this vibrant Massachusetts city.

Competitive Real Estate

Competition in the Haverhill housing market can be gauged by examining the market hotness score, the amount of time required to receive closing offers, and the average selling price above the list price.

Market hotness score assesses the level of contest in the real estate market. A higher rating implies a more vibrant market where buyers must act quickly.

Average days to receive closing offers evaluates how long it takes for a property to get an offer. A shorter period reveals higher demand and rivalry among purchasers.

Average selling price above the list price shows the scale to which buyers are ready to pay more than the initial asking price. A higher percentage indicates powerful competition and bidding wars.

These parameters together signify the competitiveness of the Haverhill housing market, with elevated demand and restricted inventory resulting in increased competition among buyers.



All About Haverhill

Welcome to Haverhill, a beautiful city in Essex County, Massachusetts, where history is alive and nature flourishes. It carries colonial roots and a prosperous present. Haverhill has a tale to tell, from its ties to wars to its notorious witch trials.

Experience the city’s industrial past, once renowned for its bustling shoe-making industry. Today, Haverhill offers a diverse and lively atmosphere, where cultural diversity is celebrated and recreational activities are plentiful.

Enjoy the stunning views along the Merrimack River, visit the numerous parks and historical sites, and experience the city’s solid education system.

Haverhill is looking to the future, with plans for growth, drawing in businesses, enhancing infrastructure, and encouraging sustainability.


Haverhill has a long and varied history that has had a great impact on the city as it is today. Established in 1640 as Pentuckett, the city has been a part of many major historical events. From battles to witch trials, it has seen its share of action.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Haverhill was a major industrial hub, with sawmills, gristmills, and tanneries. But perhaps its most notable industry was the shoe-making business, which earned it the title of ‘Queen Slipper City.’ As the years went by, the economy of the city changed and adapted to the times.

When discussing the geography of Haverhill, it is important to note that its history has left its mark on the landscape. Located on the Merrimack River, Haverhill offers breathtaking views and plenty of outdoor activities. There are plenty of parks, historical sites, and cultural attractions to explore. However, it is the people who have lived in Haverhill all these years that make the city special. Their stories and contributions to the community are worth noting.


Explore the scenic geography of Haverhill, located on the Merrimack River and offering stunning vistas. Haverhill is in Essex County, Massachusetts, 35 miles north of Boston and on the New Hampshire border. It covers 33.04 square miles and has an elevation of 50 feet.

Residents and visitors can delight in picturesque landscapes and activities like picnics, hiking, and fishing near the Merrimack River. Winnekenni Park and Plug Pond are two of the many parks and green spaces in the area. The nearby White Mountains in New Hampshire and the coastal beaches of Massachusetts offer even more outdoor attractions.

Haverhill’s geography is diverse, with hills, valleys, and forests, plus a unique mix of urban areas and natural beauty. From Bradford’s rolling hills to the historic downtown area, the city displays the classic New England countryside.

Haverhill boasts a long history of development and growth thanks to its geographic advantages. Its location has had a lasting impact on the city’s economy.


Explore the varied economic nature of Haverhill and its evolution over time. Once a bustling industrial city during the 18th and 19th centuries, Haverhill boasted industries such as sawmills, gristmills, and tanneries. Its renowned shoe-making industry earned it the nickname ‘Queen Slipper City.’

But as the years went by, Haverhill adapted to the changing times and needs, diversifying its economy.

Today, Haverhill’s economy is a blend of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, and professional services. Companies from different sectors have established themselves in the city, driving its economic growth and stability. The presence of higher education institutions also contributes to its economic activity and encourages innovation.

Due to its close proximity to major cities such as Boston, Haverhill has access to a wider market and can benefit from regional integration. The city’s transportation infrastructure, including its railway station and a network of roads and highways, facilitates the flow of goods and services, thus aiding economic growth.

Landmarks and Attractions

Visiting Haverhill is a captivating experience. Situated on the banks of the Merrimack River, the city offers stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere.

One of the must-see landmarks is the Buttonwoods Museum, located in the former John Ward House. It offers visitors a glimpse of the city’s past with its displays and artifacts.

Another popular destination is the Winnekenni Castle, a Victorian mansion perched atop a hill, offering panoramic views of Haverhill.

Nature lovers can explore the sprawling Winnekenni Park, with its walking trails, picnic spots, and a beautiful lake.

Those interested in the arts will enjoy the exhibitions and events hosted by the Haverhill Art Association and the Haverhill Historical Society throughout the year.

Haverhill is also home to several schools, most notably Bradford Academy.


Haverhill is known for its commitment to providing quality education to its residents. It offers a wide range of schools, both public and private, to accommodate the diverse needs of its students.

The public school system consists of numerous elementary, middle and comprehensive high schools. These schools focus on academics, character development and extracurricular activities. Private schools in the city also provide options for alternative educational approaches and specialized programs.

Haverhill is home to higher education institutions offering a variety of degree programs, including associate, bachelor’s and master’s.

One of the most prominent educational institutions in Haverhill is the Bradford Academy. Established in 1803, it is one of the oldest schools in the city and is renowned for its academic excellence. It offers a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, creativity and innovation.

Whether you are a student or a parent looking for educational options for your child, you can be sure that Haverhill has something to offer. Its education system is dedicated to producing knowledgeable and skilled workers.