Burnsville Hard Money Lender

Burnsville Hard Money Lender

In the Burnsville real estate market, grabbing properties before your competition is essential for making the best deals. Although real estate investors sometimes go the traditional route and seek bank loans, the process is anything but speedy.

When time is of the essence, waiting for the lengthy process of getting approval is not an option for most investors. Burnsville hard money lenders specialize in providing hard money loans which provide quick funds to investors. These loans are for a non owner occupied property or in some cases for business purpose loans.

Burnsville Hard Money Lender FAQ’S

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding hard money loans and lenders in Burnsville.

What Do Burnsville Hard Money Lenders Specialize in?

Burnsville hard money lenders specialize in providing short-term, creative financing for real estate investors. If you seek a conventional lender to purchase an investment property, your loan request will be based on the property’s value and your assets. Your credit score, job, and finances will be scrutinized intensely.  Hard money lenders base their final loan decisions on the after-repair value. The ARV represents the potential value of a property after all repairs have been accomplished.

What are the Benefits of Burnsville Hard Money Loans?

Burnsville hard money loans offer advantages that traditional banks cannot. Lenders like Acamnet Financial offer a higher level of flexibility than banks.  When qualifying for this type of loan, lenders do not delve too deeply into the finances of real estate investors. In most cases, simply present the property and your plans, which saves you the hassle of gathering countless financial documents.

Do Burnsville Hard Money Lenders Look at my Credit Score?

One of the greatest benefits of working with Burnsville hard money lenders is the lack of credit score requirements. One of the first things a bank does is check your credit score.  You can get approved for a hard money loan in Burnsville even if you have bad credit or poor credit, bankruptcies, and foreclosures in the past. Burnsville Hard money lenders primarily care about the property you are purchasing.

What is the Interest Rate & Points for Hard Money Loans in Burnsville?

Interest rates for hard money loans in Burnsville are typically higher than traditional bank loans (conventional loans) because of the greater risk lenders must take on when approving loans. When searching for a hard money lender near me in Burnsville, you will find average interest rate is between 8%-15%.  You should also be aware that lenders sometimes charge points that are meant to offset their administrative costs. Each point represents 1% of the total loan amount.  The average points lenders charge is between 1 to 3. Some lenders may charge up to 10 points. These points are due upfront or at closing, depending on the lender.

What Should I Look for in a Burnsville Hard Money Lender?

There are many benefits to working with a Burnsville hard money lender.  You just need to make sure you are working with the right lender.  You can rely on Acamnet Financial Group when you need us most.  We offer reliability, consistency, experience, and support.  As a real estate investor, you know the importance of grabbing the best property deals when they become available.

How can Hard Money Lenders in Burnsville Help Me?

Whether you are new to real estate and real estate projects or an old pro, you know having the capital to purchase real estate is essential. Without funds, you will miss out on real estate transactions.  When you partner with hard money lenders in Burnsville, you will quickly get the money you need without jumping through the hoops of traditional bank lenders.

How do I get a Hard Money Loan in Burnsville?

When you want a hard money loan in Burnsville, begin by preparing the property information. Location, size, purchase price, after repair value, repair costs, etc.  In most cases, the financing will be based on these numbers.  Then, apply for a hard money loan in Burnsville using this information and supply some financial information.  Then, an appraisal will be ordered to assess the loan-to-value ratio, which will influence the loan amount.

How do I Refinance a Burnsville Hard Money Loan?

Refinance a Burnsville hard money loan will involve moving from a high interest, short term loan to a longer term, usually lower interest rate loan. Typically a conventional type of loan.  When refinancing a Burnsville hard money loan you will find it will have a more stringent set of guidelines.  You will need to have sufficient credit and income qualifications.  As the lending landscaping and regulations constantly change, you want to consult a knowledgeable conventional loan expert.

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Current Real Estate Trends In Burnsville (2024)

Burnsville, Minnesota is experiencing a flourishing real estate market. The median listing home price has increased to $365,000, showing a year-over-year growth of 4.3%. Homes are usually being sold for 1.15% higher than the asking price, implying the demand is high while the supply is limited. This kind of market is characterized by an abundance of buyers compared to the limited number of homes. What’s more, homes in Burnsville usually go pending in approximately 14 days, showing the quick-paced nature of the market.

As for rentals, the normal apartment rent in Burnsville stands at $1,468, reflecting a 1.5% year-over-year change. Most of the rentals fall within the price range of $1,000 to $1,500, accounting for 61.48% of the market. Condos costing between $700 and $1,000 have the lowest market share at 3.42%.

Altogether, Burnsville’s real estate market is doing well, with rising home costs and huge demand. Prospective buyers should brace themselves for tough competition, as renters have multiple choices within the $1,000 to $1,500 price range.

Current Housing Prices

In Burnsville, Minnesota, the home market is demonstrating an overall uptrend in prices. As of September 2023, the median listing price is $365,000, representing a 4.3% increase over the previous year.

This steady rise points to a strong and competitive market for sellers. In fact, buyers are paying an average of 1.15% more than the original asking price, demonstrating that demand is high and supply is scarce.

This is a great situation for sellers, as buyers are willing to pay more than the initial asking price. It is very important for prospective buyers to move quickly and confidently to acquire a property.

Market Conditions

The housing market in Burnsville is a seller’s market, with a high demand for homes and limited supply. Homes in Burnsville are being sold for an average of 1.15% above the asking price, demonstrating buyers’ willingness to go beyond the asking price in order to secure a property.

The amount of time a home remains on the market is an average of 24 days, signifying that sellers have an edge in negotiations due to the high demand for homes.

Looking into the rental market trends in the area is also important to consider.

Rental Market Trends

The rental market in Burnsville, Minnesota offers a wide range of housing choices at various price points. Recent statistics indicate that the average rent for an apartment in Burnsville is $1,468, with a rise of 1.5% year after year.

Most rental properties in the area are in the $1,000 to $1,500 range, making up 61.48% of the market, while condos priced below $1,000 have the smallest share at 3.42%.

These figures demonstrate a steady rental market with a slight increase in rental prices over the last 12 months.

It is worth noting that the rental market in Burnsville is affected by the overall housing market conditions including median house prices and demand.



All About Burnsville

Situated on the northern border of the Minnesota River, Burnsville is known for its wetlands and flood plains, creating a gorgeous landscape. With an area covering 24.91 square miles of land and 2.02 square miles of water, there is plenty of ground to enjoy outdoor activities.

If you’re a shopper looking for the latest trends at the Burnsville Center regional mall, an adventure enthusiast seeking thrills at Buck Hill ski peak, or a nature enthusiast exploring Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve, this city has it all.

Burnsville also has a strong cultural background, with many roads and parks named after the original settlers, and a diverse mix of churches representing different religious denominations.


Exploring Burnsville will leave you captivated by its breathtaking geography. Situated on the northern border of the Minnesota River, it winds through marshland and flood plains in the area, providing a picturesque backdrop for the city. This landscape presents opportunities for outdoor activities and wildlife observing.

The Minnesota River is not only lovely to look at, but it is also an essential ecological resource. Part of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, it safeguards and conserves the diverse plant and animal species that inhabit the area. This refuge serves as a haven for migratory birds, waterfowl, and other wildlife, making it a paradise for nature lovers.

Added to its stunning geography is the city’s dedication to environmental preservation. The Black Dog and Lower Minnesota River Watershed Districts manage and protect the water resources in the area, offering clean water for both inhabitants and the environment.

Combining natural beauty and urban convenience, Burnsville is a unique destination.


Burnsville has a long and fascinating history. The Mdewakanton Dakota were the original inhabitants of the area, with Chief Black Dog establishing a village near the present-day city.

In the 1850s, European immigrants, including Irish, Scottish, and Norwegian farmers, arrived and began transforming the area into a popular resort town. Crystal Lake, once a fishing and burial ground for the Dakota, became a popular destination for tourists looking for recreation and relaxation.

The mid-20th century saw a substantial rise in Burnsville’s population due to the construction of Interstate 35. The city’s close proximity to Minneapolis made it an attractive place to live, leading to the development of a modern suburban city that still preserves its historic roots.

Burnsville has many landmarks and attractions that make it an exciting and vibrant community. Its historical sites, beautiful lake, and parks are just a few of the many activities to enjoy in the city.

There are also many restaurants, shopping destinations, and entertainment venues for visitors and residents alike. Whether you are looking for a place to relax or an adventure, Burnsville has something for everyone.

Landmarks and Attractions

Burnsville is home to a number of exciting attractions that draw in visitors from all over. The renowned Burnsville Center is a regional mall offering up a wide variety of shopping and dining choices. It’s the perfect place to find the latest fashion trends, electronics, and even home decor. Major retailers such as Macy’s, JCPenney, and Best Buy can all be found here. After a day of shopping, visitors can take their pick of the many restaurants located in the mall, from fast food to sit-down dining experiences.

Nature enthusiasts will be thrilled to explore Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve. This stunning park offers up miles of hiking and biking trails, as well as birdwatching and wildlife spotting opportunities. For those looking for an adrenaline rush, Buck Hill is a must-visit destination. This 310-foot vertical ski peak is the perfect place to ski and snowboard in the winter, or mountain bike and engage in other outdoor activities in the summer.

Burnsville is also committed to preserving its natural beauty. The city is part of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, an organization dedicated to protecting and maintaining the area’s diverse ecosystems. Burnsville has worked hard to achieve a balance between development and conservation, making sure residents and visitors alike can enjoy the natural wonders of the region.


Burnsville offers a variety of transportation options, making it easy for visitors and residents to explore the city and beyond. Its prime location near major highways gives quick access to the northern and southern parts of the state. Interstate Highway 35 splits into Interstate Highways 35W and 35E in Burnsville. Other routes, such as Minnesota Highway 13 and County Road 42, allow you to travel within the city.

The Burnsville Transit Station is the hub for the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority, providing regional bus service to five other suburbs. This makes visiting surrounding cities and attractions convenient. The city has also developed alternate transportation solutions to accommodate its increasing population.

When exploring the transportation options in Burnsville, you will also discover its rich cultural heritage. People of Irish, Scottish, and Norwegian descent were among the first settlers. The city also preserves Dakota nation’s history. Whether you are driving along a road named after an early settler or taking a bus to visit a historical site, the transportation system provides a special opportunity to connect with the past.

Cultural Heritage

Experience Burnsville’s cultural heritage and the deep history of its early settlers and Dakota nation. Irish, Scottish, and Norwegian farmers settled here, and many area roads and parks bear their names in tribute. The city has Presbyterian, Protestant, and Catholic churches, representing the religious diversity.

The Lakeside Hotel is an iconic landmark that speaks to Burnsville’s cultural heritage. Built in 1880, it offered leisure and relaxation on Crystal Lake, and though no longer open, its historical importance remains. Descendants of the Byrne family, one of the early settlers, still live in the area, keeping their family’s link to Burnsville’s past alive.

Burnsville has also embraced modern development. The downtown area, the Heart of the City, has been transformed into an urban-style retail and residential hub. This project has rejuvenated the area, mixing the old and the new, and creating a thriving cultural and economic center.

Exploring Burnsville’s cultural heritage helps you to understand the city’s history and appreciate the combination of history and progress that makes it a unique community.