Bartlesville Hard Money Lender

Bartlesville Hard Money Lender

In the Bartlesville real estate market, grabbing properties before your competition is essential for making the best deals. Although real estate investors sometimes go the traditional route and seek bank loans, the process is anything but speedy.

When time is of the essence, waiting for the lengthy process of getting approval is not an option for most investors. Bartlesville hard money lenders specialize in providing hard money loans which provide quick funds to investors. These loans are for a non owner occupied property or in some cases for business purpose loans.

Bartlesville Hard Money Lender FAQ’S

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding hard money loans and lenders in Bartlesville.

What Do Bartlesville Hard Money Lenders Specialize in?

Bartlesville hard money lenders specialize in providing short-term, creative financing for real estate investors. If you seek a conventional lender to purchase an investment property, your loan request will be based on the property’s value and your assets. Your credit score, job, and finances will be scrutinized intensely.  Hard money lenders base their final loan decisions on the after-repair value. The ARV represents the potential value of a property after all repairs have been accomplished.

What are the Benefits of Bartlesville Hard Money Loans?

Bartlesville hard money loans offer advantages that traditional banks cannot. Lenders like Acamnet Financial offer a higher level of flexibility than banks.  When qualifying for this type of loan, lenders do not delve too deeply into the finances of real estate investors. In most cases, simply present the property and your plans, which saves you the hassle of gathering countless financial documents.

Do Bartlesville Hard Money Lenders Look at my Credit Score?

One of the greatest benefits of working with Bartlesville hard money lenders is the lack of credit score requirements. One of the first things a bank does is check your credit score.  You can get approved for a hard money loan in Bartlesville even if you have bad credit or poor credit, bankruptcies, and foreclosures in the past. Bartlesville Hard money lenders primarily care about the property you are purchasing.

What is the Interest Rate & Points for Hard Money Loans in Bartlesville?

Interest rates for hard money loans in Bartlesville are typically higher than traditional bank loans (conventional loans) because of the greater risk lenders must take on when approving loans. When searching for a hard money lender near me in Bartlesville, you will find average interest rate is between 8%-15%.  You should also be aware that lenders sometimes charge points that are meant to offset their administrative costs. Each point represents 1% of the total loan amount.  The average points lenders charge is between 1 to 3. Some lenders may charge up to 10 points. These points are due upfront or at closing, depending on the lender.

What Should I Look for in a Bartlesville Hard Money Lender?

There are many benefits to working with a Bartlesville hard money lender.  You just need to make sure you are working with the right lender.  You can rely on Acamnet Financial Group when you need us most.  We offer reliability, consistency, experience, and support.  As a real estate investor, you know the importance of grabbing the best property deals when they become available.

How can Hard Money Lenders in Bartlesville Help Me?

Whether you are new to real estate and real estate projects or an old pro, you know having the capital to purchase real estate is essential. Without funds, you will miss out on real estate transactions.  When you partner with hard money lenders in Bartlesville, you will quickly get the money you need without jumping through the hoops of traditional bank lenders.

How do I get a Hard Money Loan in Bartlesville?

When you want a hard money loan in Bartlesville, begin by preparing the property information. Location, size, purchase price, after repair value, repair costs, etc.  In most cases, the financing will be based on these numbers.  Then, apply for a hard money loan in Bartlesville using this information and supply some financial information.  Then, an appraisal will be ordered to assess the loan-to-value ratio, which will influence the loan amount.

How do I Refinance a Bartlesville Hard Money Loan?

Refinance a Bartlesville hard money loan will involve moving from a high interest, short term loan to a longer term, usually lower interest rate loan. Typically a conventional type of loan.  When refinancing a Bartlesville hard money loan you will find it will have a more stringent set of guidelines.  You will need to have sufficient credit and income qualifications.  As the lending landscaping and regulations constantly change, you want to consult a knowledgeable conventional loan expert.

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Current Real Estate Trends In Bartlesville (2024)

The purpose of this piece is to analyze current real estate trends in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Through analyzing various housing market indicators, including median listing home prices, sale-to-list price ratio, and average time on the market, we provide an impartial, data-driven overview of the situation.

As of October 2023, the Bartlesville real estate market appears to be in balance, with similar levels of supply and demand. The median listing home price has seen a major upsurge of 22% since the previous year, now reaching $200,000. Additionally, the sale-to-list price ratio stands at 99.01%, implying that homes typically sell close to their listing price.

However, it is worth noting that the median days on the market have slightly grown from last year. This article will further examine these trends and discuss their consequences for both buyers and sellers in Bartlesville’s real estate market.

Housing Market Highlights

The housing market in Bartlesville, OK is showing great signs of stability and attractiveness. The median listing home price has risen from $200K last year to $243.3K, which is an impressive increase of 22%.

Additionally, the sale-to-list price ratio is 99.01%, which proves that homes are selling close to their asking prices.

This is a great market to invest in as the supply and demand are balanced, with 190 homes and 190 rentals available.

It is important to also consider the average time on the market in Bartlesville, which can provide further valuable insights.

All in all, the current housing market in Bartlesville is looking very promising. 

Average Time on the Market

Homes in Bartlesville tend to be listed on the market for an average of 44 days. This provides potential buyers with a relatively short window to make a purchase. The short time frame indicates that demand for housing in the city is high.

This can be credited to a balanced market with similar supply and demand, as well as the overall appeal of the area for real estate investments. It is critical for buyers to keep up to date on new listings and act swiftly to make sure they don’t miss out on their desired property.

Now, let’s take a look at what the rental market in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, looks like.

Rental Market Trends

Bartlesville, Oklahoma offers a variety of rental properties, most of which cost between $700 and $1000 per month. This makes the city an attractive option for those seeking affordable housing.

The average monthly rent for an apartment in Bartlesville is $832, with an annual change of 10.9%.

Vacancy rate is currently at 9.3%.

Although there is a small selection of condos priced between $1,000 to $1,500, the rental market in Bartlesville is mainly focused on more affordable housing.

Thus, it is an ideal spot for tenants on the hunt for a reasonably priced rental.


All About Bartlesville

Welcome to Bartlesville, Oklahoma! If you’re searching for a variety of attractions and activities, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve and Phillips Petroleum Company Museum are just two of the many options. Learn about Oklahoma’s background, witness American Bison and Elk in their natural habitat, and find out how oil has shaped this city.

History aficionados will appreciate Bartlesville Area History Museum. There, you can discover the city’s complex past, the stories of early settlers, and the life of Native Americans.

Visit the historic Bartlesville Union Depot, ring the bell of a steam locomotive, and check out the Price Tower Arts Center to admire its architecture and art exhibits.

Outdoor lovers can take a walk in Jo Allyn Lowe Park or Pathfinder Parkway, or explore the facilities of Sooner Park.

For a delicious meal, try the delicious dishes at Frank and Lolas Neighborhood Restaurant or the Painted Horse Bar & Grille.

Bartlesville has it all, so you should come and experience it yourself!


Bartlesville offers a wide range of attractions and activities to keep you busy. Discover the past at Woolaroc and the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum, or take pleasure in the delicious meals at Frank and Lolas and the Painted Horse Bar & Grille. Whether you’re looking to learn about Oklahoma’s rich history, indulge in delightful cuisine, or just enjoy the outdoors, Bartlesville has something for everyone.

One of the must-visit places in Bartlesville is the Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve. This popular destination offers a chance to explore Oklahoma’s past while getting close to some amazing animals. The replica Phillips 66 Gas Station provides a great spot for photographs, while visitors can also spot American Bison, Elk, Fallow Deer, and more. You can wander through the collections of Native American artifacts and Wild West items, or take a hike and explore the playgrounds.

The Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve is an incredible place to visit, providing a variety of activities and experiences. From the replica Gas Station to the chance to spot wildlife, there is something for everyone. Take the time to explore the collections of artifacts, or just relax and take a stroll through the nature trails. Spend a day learning about the past and enjoying the outdoors – you won’t be disappointed.

Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of northeastern Oklahoma lies Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve, a destination that fuses history, wildlife, and natural beauty.

Step into the museum and be taken to Oklahoma’s past. Uncover Native American artifacts, gaze upon Wild West collections, and learn about the pioneers who shaped the area. There is also a replica Phillips 66 Gas Station to take memorable photos.

Woolaroc is not only a historical stop but an ideal spot for wildlife admirers. Wander the wildlife preserve and spot magnificent creatures like American Bison, Elk, and Fallow Deer in their natural habitat. This breathtaking experience will give you a newfound appreciation for Oklahoma’s ecosystem.

When you’re done exploring, take advantage of the outdoor features. Playgrounds and hiking trails are there to enjoy and take in the beauty of the area.

Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve is a great place for history buffs, nature lovers, and anyone looking for an interesting adventure.

Frank and Lolas Neighborhood Restaurant

After a day at Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve, come to Frank and Lolas Neighborhood Restaurant for a delicious meal. You’ll find burgers, catfish, fries, and steaks all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Every patty is juicy and flavorful. The catfish is fried to perfection and served with tartar sauce. The fries are golden brown and a perfect side.

The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, the staff friendly and attentive. You’re sure to have a great lunch here.

If you’re in the mood for a classic cheeseburger or a perfectly cooked steak, Frank and Lolas is the place to go. After you’ve had your fill, you can continue your journey and learn about the Phillips Petroleum Company at the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum.

Phillips Petroleum Company Museum

When you enter the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum, a journey back in time awaits you. Uncover the impact of oil on Bartlesville and the technological advances made by the Phillips Petroleum Company.

The museum takes you through the early days of the company and its founder, Frank Phillips. Explore the difficulties encountered by the oil industry in the beginning and how Phillips Petroleum overcame them with creativity. Discover the evolution of technology in the industry, from old drilling methods to the creation of more effective extraction processes.

The exhibits illustrate the substantial part Phillips Petroleum played in shaping Bartlesville’s history. Learn about the effect the company had on the city and its inhabitants – from the expansion of the local community to the development of schools, hospitals, and entertainment amenities. The influence of the Phillips Petroleum Company is everywhere in Bartlesville.

As you depart from the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum and head to the Bartlesville Area History Museum, continue your exploration of the grand history of this vibrant city.

Bartlesville Area History Museum

The Bartlesville Area History Museum provides an absorbing journey through time, immersing guests in the deep history of this prosperous city. As you step inside, you’ll be sent back to the early days of Bartlesville, giving you the opportunity to find out more about the pioneers who first settled here. The displays offer an eye-opening look at the struggles they encountered and the courage they demonstrated.

A significant element of the museum is the influence of oil on Bartlesville. You’ll learn how this industry changed the city’s expansion and growth, and view artifacts and presentations that highlight the technological advancements pioneered by companies such as the Phillips Petroleum Company. From machinery to photographs of oil fields, the museum brings this significant part of Bartlesville’s history to life.

In addition to its oil background, the museum also looks into the lives of Native Americans who lived in the area before settlers arrived. Through interactive exhibits and informative displays, you’ll get an in-depth knowledge of their culture, customs, and contributions to the region.

As you move through the museum, you’ll find yourself enveloped in the tales of Bartlesville’s history. From the early settlers to the booming oil industry, this museum presents a comprehensive view of the history that has formed this lively city. Whether you’re a history buff or just curious about Bartlesville’s roots, the Bartlesville Area History Museum is a must-stop destination.