Harrisburg Hard Money Lender

Harrisburg Hard Money Lender

In the Harrisburg real estate market, grabbing properties before your competition is essential for making the best deals. Although real estate investors sometimes go the traditional route and seek bank loans, the process is anything but speedy.

When time is of the essence, waiting for the lengthy process of getting approval is not an option for most investors. Harrisburg hard money lenders specialize in providing hard money loans which provide quick funds to investors. These loans are for a non owner occupied property or in some cases for business purpose loans.

Harrisburg Hard Money Lender FAQ’S

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding hard money loans and lenders in Harrisburg.

What Do Harrisburg Hard Money Lenders Specialize in?

Harrisburg hard money lenders specialize in providing short-term, creative financing for real estate investors. If you seek a conventional lender to purchase an investment property, your loan request will be based on the property’s value and your assets. Your credit score, job, and finances will be scrutinized intensely.  Hard money lenders base their final loan decisions on the after-repair value. The ARV represents the potential value of a property after all repairs have been accomplished.

What are the Benefits of Harrisburg Hard Money Loans?

Harrisburg hard money loans offer advantages that traditional banks cannot. Lenders like Acamnet Financial offer a higher level of flexibility than banks.  When qualifying for this type of loan, lenders do not delve too deeply into the finances of real estate investors. In most cases, simply present the property and your plans, which saves you the hassle of gathering countless financial documents.

Do Harrisburg Hard Money Lenders Look at my Credit Score?

One of the greatest benefits of working with Harrisburg hard money lenders is the lack of credit score requirements. One of the first things a bank does is check your credit score.  You can get approved for a hard money loan in Harrisburg even if you have bad credit or poor credit, bankruptcies, and foreclosures in the past. Harrisburg Hard money lenders primarily care about the property you are purchasing.

What is the Interest Rate & Points for Hard Money Loans in Harrisburg?

Interest rates for hard money loans in Harrisburg are typically higher than traditional bank loans (conventional loans) because of the greater risk lenders must take on when approving loans. When searching for a hard money lender near me in Harrisburg, you will find average interest rate is between 8%-15%.  You should also be aware that lenders sometimes charge points that are meant to offset their administrative costs. Each point represents 1% of the total loan amount.  The average points lenders charge is between 1 to 3. Some lenders may charge up to 10 points. These points are due upfront or at closing, depending on the lender.

What Should I Look for in a Harrisburg Hard Money Lender?

There are many benefits to working with a Harrisburg hard money lender.  You just need to make sure you are working with the right lender.  You can rely on Acamnet Financial Group when you need us most.  We offer reliability, consistency, experience, and support.  As a real estate investor, you know the importance of grabbing the best property deals when they become available.

How can Hard Money Lenders in Harrisburg Help Me?

Whether you are new to real estate and real estate projects or an old pro, you know having the capital to purchase real estate is essential. Without funds, you will miss out on real estate transactions.  When you partner with hard money lenders in Harrisburg, you will quickly get the money you need without jumping through the hoops of traditional bank lenders.

How do I get a Hard Money Loan in Harrisburg?

When you want a hard money loan in Harrisburg, begin by preparing the property information. Location, size, purchase price, after repair value, repair costs, etc.  In most cases, the financing will be based on these numbers.  Then, apply for a hard money loan in Harrisburg using this information and supply some financial information.  Then, an appraisal will be ordered to assess the loan-to-value ratio, which will influence the loan amount.

How do I Refinance a Harrisburg Hard Money Loan?

Refinance a Harrisburg hard money loan will involve moving from a high interest, short term loan to a longer term, usually lower interest rate loan. Typically a conventional type of loan.  When refinancing a Harrisburg hard money loan you will find it will have a more stringent set of guidelines.  You will need to have sufficient credit and income qualifications.  As the lending landscaping and regulations constantly change, you want to consult a knowledgeable conventional loan expert.

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Current Real Estate Trends In Harrisburg (2024)

The real estate market in Harrisburg, South Dakota is exhibiting positive signs of growth and appreciation. Home values have risen to a median of $328,700, which is an increase of 12.74% over the past year – far exceeding the national average of 8.27%.

The median listing home price in October 2023 was $379.4K, although there was a minor dip of -2% in comparison to the same period the previous year. The properties in Harrisburg are typically quite new, with a median age of 12 years, symbolizing upkeep and modernity.

On the other hand, renting is not very common in Harrisburg, with a mere 14.5% of the citizens being tenants and a low vacancy rate. This indicates a strong demand for housing in the area, making it a primarily homeownership-focused community.

Generally, the real estate market in Harrisburg is robust, featuring expanding home values and limited rental availability.

Current Market Overview

Harrisburg, SD has seen home values rise by 1.7% in the past year. In September 2023, the median sale price hit $368,100, showing that the real estate market is healthy and growing.

This jump in home values shows that there is a strong demand for housing in Harrisburg, and homeowners in the area have seen the value of their properties grow. It is essential to understand the factors that are driving this growth to help potential buyers and sellers in Harrisburg make informed decisions.

To gain a better understanding, experts should analyze market trends and historical data to identify the key drivers of the market. They should also consider factors such as supply and demand, economic conditions, and demographic shifts when evaluating the market.

With this knowledge, buyers and sellers in Harrisburg can make better decisions about their investments in the area.

Home Values and Trends

The current housing market in Harrisburg is showing a definite trend in home values. The average home value in the area is $340,011, having experienced a 1-year value increase of 1.7%. This suggests a gradual rise in the prices of homes in the area.

However, when compared to the median listing home price in October 2023, which is $379.4K, there seems to be a bit of a decline in price of -2% year-over-year. This could indicate a decrease in demand or an increase in supply within the market.

Despite this, the housing market in Harrisburg has seen an impressive appreciation rate of 12.74% in the past year. This tells potential buyers that they can still benefit from increasing home values in the area.

The next section will discuss the limited availability of rental properties in Harrisburg and the implications that it has on the housing demand.

Rental Market

The rental market in Harrisburg, SD portrays a scarce supply of houses and apartments. Currently, only 0.0% of properties are offered for rent, signifying a low vacancy rate. This could be due to high demand for housing in this area, with renters taking up 14.5% of the population.

This indicates that the majority of people prefer to own their homes. The few vacancies available may help keep the housing market stable, as it implies a steady request for housing and a restricted turnover of rental properties.

Irrespective of the limited options for rental, Harrisburg remains a homeownership-focused community.



All About Harrisburg

Welcome to Harrisburg, South Dakota! This vibrant and growing city in Lincoln County is a suburb of Sioux Falls, offering a wide range of amenities.

Founded in 1879 and officially established in 1890, Harrisburg has a rich history to explore. From its natural beauty, surrounded by the stunning South Dakota landscape, to its mayor-council form of government with Mayor Derick Wenck leading the way, Harrisburg is a place of growth and community.

Education is highly valued here, with the Harrisburg School District providing quality education to nearly 5,000 students.

Discover Harrisburg for yourself and experience all it has to offer!


Harrisburg is located in Lincoln County, South Dakota, just a short distance from Sioux Falls. Covering 4.69 square miles (12.16 km) with an elevation of 1,424 feet (434 meters), this city offers a peaceful atmosphere while still being close to the amenities of a larger city.

It is roughly 2.7 miles from the southern edge of the Sioux Falls metropolitan area, granting access to major highways and the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. This makes it convenient for people who travel for work or leisure.

It’s interesting to learn about how Harrisburg has changed over time. It was founded on August 1, 1879, and the town was established in 1890. This history has had a large impact on its character today.


Uncover the intriguing stories that lie behind the founding and development of Harrisburg. Established on August 1, 1879, by Johnson Harris, the city was named after him.

In 1879, the first train connected Sioux City, Iowa, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and passed through Harrisburg. The town was eventually officially recognized in 1890 and has since seen great expansion. An iconic building that still stands today is the State Bank, built in 1899.

Harrisburg has developed from a small rural town to a thriving suburb of Sioux Falls. Its story is closely linked to the success and growth of the nearby area. Exploring its past, you can recognize the strength and dedication of its early settlers, who provided the fundamentals for the lively community it is today.


Uncover the fascinating details of Harrisburg’s government structure, a system that empowers its citizens and encourages community involvement.

Harrisburg operates with a mayor-council form of government, with the mayor elected every four years. Currently, Derick Wenck is the mayor of Harrisburg, leading the city with dedication and commitment.

The city council has four members, representing two wards and ensuring fair representation and multiple perspectives. Council member positions are part-time, allowing people from different professional backgrounds to contribute to the city’s governance.

The government of Harrisburg actively seeks the input of its residents through public meetings and community forums, encouraging citizen involvement in decision-making. This inclusive approach strengthens the link between the government and the people they serve, creating a feeling of shared responsibility and pride in the community.

As we move onto the next segment about geography, it is essential to note how Harrisburg’s government works alongside the natural beauty of the South Dakota landscape, forming the city’s future while protecting its special surroundings.


Nestled in the heart of Lincoln County, South Dakota, Harrisburg is a city that blends with its captivating natural landscape. Covering a total area of 2.48 square miles (6.42 km), Harrisburg is small in size but big in charm.

It is located only a short distance away from the Sioux Falls metropolitan area, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the benefits of a large city while maintaining the atmosphere of a small town.

The area is known for its rolling hills, open prairies, and picturesque lakes, providing the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities and nature exploration. People who enjoy hiking, fishing, or simply admiring the scenery will find plenty of opportunities here.

Harrisburg’s commitment to education is also impressive. The city’s school district offers excellence in academics, making it a great place to raise a family.

In sum, Harrisburg is a special place that offers something for everyone to enjoy.


Dive into the educational opportunities of Harrisburg, where the school district works to foster student development with a thorough curriculum and a caring learning atmosphere.

The Harrisburg School District is composed of one high school, two middle schools, and seven elementary schools, providing quality education to about 4,800 children.

Harrisburg High School, the district’s high school, offers a wide array of academic and extracurricular programs to prepare students for college and future careers. With pride, the school’s Vex Robotics team earned the title of World Champions in 2023, showcasing the excellence of its students.

The district’s two middle schools, North and South, play a crucial role in preparing students for high school, providing a supportive and engaging learning environment.

The district’s seven elementary schools, Adventure, Endeavor, Explorer, Freedom, Horizon, Journey, and Liberty, offer a comprehensive curriculum in a nurturing and inclusive setting. A few of these elementary schools are located in Sioux Falls due to boundary mismatch.

All in all, the educational institutions in Harrisburg contribute to the success of the city and its population growth, emphasizing its attractiveness as a place to live and raise a family.